The GeoCloud

The GeoCloud, our latest venture, is what we believe to be the future delivery method of commercial geophysical software and services.
 It is comprised of three parts: hardware, software and Consultancy.

The hardware is all cloud-based. What this means for the end user is that all that is required to use it is any computer with an internet connection. No installations, no expensive equipment or maintenance, no IT assistance required. The computing power available on the cloud is practically limitless and we will ensure you are allocated ample power and memory.

The software is Pays International’s own in-house software SHAARC (Seismic Harmonic Analysis And Reflectivity Computation). SHAARC has been developed over the last 25 years by Pays International and is a multifaceted geophysical system capable of 3D visualisation, interpretation, sparse spike inversion, attribute classification and more.

Gaining access to SHAARC is now easier than ever before, but since it is unlikely you will be familiar with the software initially, Pays International are including 5 hours per month of specialist support with the GeoCloud package, where we will work alongside you to make certain SHAARC can fulfil its productive potential.

Together in one package called the GeoCloud, this hardware, software and support can be hired for immediate use on a rolling monthly contract. No time or money is wasted in set up, once logged on to our GeoCloud server, SHAARC will be ready and waiting for use.

If you are interested simply enter your details here and we will contact you shortly. There is no commitment at this stage.