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This course is designed to accommodate a wide range of participants, from those with no prior programming or mathematical background to those who are well-versed in these areas.

To ensure everyone can effectively grasp the core concepts, we’ve tailored the curriculum so it does not assume any pre-existing programming skills or mathematical knowledge. Instead, we start from the basics and gradually build up to more complex concepts.

However, if you’re someone with a strong background in mathematics or programming, fear not. The depth and breadth of our content, paired with hands-on exercises and practical demonstrations, ensure there is ample opportunity for you to hone your skills further and gain new insights into the application of machine learning in geoscience.

The course engages participants in a variety of learning activities, all of which are designed to be accessible and meaningful, irrespective of background. These include:

  • – Hands-on exercises
    • o Pen and paper
    • o Using Python
    • o Using Shaarc
  • – Practical demonstrations
  • – Discussions
  • – Real-world examples

Send detailed, comprehensive curriculum.

Dr Gerald Stein studied Physics and Mathematics before starting in the oil industry 30 years ago. He started working in the Western Atlas Research group under the leadership of Dr Oz Yilmaz. This group had a vast collective experience in mathematics, geophysics and programming gained whilst creating the first interpretation and inversion systems with Western Atlas Software. 

Dr Stein along with a number of colleagues started the original Pays International company in 1994. The company had a clear mission to improve exploration and production success for clients by creating inversion, seismic classification and fault analysis workflows and the associated software products. In order to spread these ideas he created an inversion and machine learning classification training course which was delivered to over 80 training courses in 15 countries, making it one of the most prominent providers of geophysical inversion and ML classification training in the world. His company has been consistently at the cutting edge of machine learning technology in geoscience, and continue to innovate to this day.