Pre-Stack Enhancement

Structural Analysis

Seismic Inversion

Machine Learning CLassification

Reservoir Characterisation

Intelligent Drill Placement

Prior to Quantitative Interpretation, deciding on oil well placements required great imagination and insight, yet still yielded a poor success rate. At Pays International we employ a more surgical approach, increasing the success and profitability of an oil field through powerful seismic data analysis techniques.

Through these techniques we are able to give your petroleum engineers and geologists the best possible information on where the next well should be drilled.

What we do


Firstly we check the current quality of your data using five separate tests. For each test we have the capability to correct any flaws we find, ensuring your data provides a strong foundation for inversion, fault analysis and classification.

Structural Analysis

The latest in fault analysis, curvature analysis and RGB blending techniques. Structural analysis provides an accurate insight into the structure in and around your reservoir.

Seismic Inversion

Porosity, fluid prediction and brittleness index are some of the most crucial factors in reservoir characterisation. Seismic inversion calculates these factors from your data.

Machine Learning Classification

From your well data, estimates can be made about the importance of certain attributes in terms of likelihood of finding oil. Our machine learning algorithm learns from these data and predicts where to drill the next well.