Technical Details

Stratigraphic Inversion:

Low Frequency Compensated and Sparse Spike Inversion and Combined Techniques are extended into the AVO domain.

AVO (Amplitude Versus Offset) analysis has been a key technology for de-risking drill targets as it can potentially distinguish different fluids and litho-types. Over time the application of the AVO technique has evolved and merged with seismic inversion methods so that today the traditional AVO analysis techniques have been superseded by the analysis of rock property volumes on the interpreter’s work station. However, in order to derive these rock properties we still rely on the fundamental principles of AVO. This course covers the basics of AVO theory and how it is used to create attributes or inversion volumes from seismic reflection data that reveal the rock and fluid characteristics of the sub-surface.

Machine Learning Classification:  

Clustering, Principal Components Analysis and Classification.

The course will show you how to…

  • prepare data for seismic lithology prediction.
  • identify the pitfalls in your data.
  • extract a stable optimum wavelet.
  • apply AVO and standard inversion techniques to Conventional and UnConventional (Shale Gas) scenarios.
  • derive and/or import seismic attributes.
  • combine seismic attributes and acoustic impedance into hydrocarbon indicators using the latest classification methods.

Practical workshops illustrate the main lecture topics. A modular structured approach reveals the effects of each analysis as you incorporate them into a more complete model.

Lecturing team

We have a number of highly experienced lecturers associated with the Seismic Lithology Workshop. Each workshop will have two lecturers. The first course will be run by Dr Pat Connolly and Dr Gerald Stein.

Who should attend?

Geophysicists, Geologists, Petrophysicists and Reservoir Engineers engaged in developing reservoir models from seismic data. A strong mathematical background is not necessary.


The Seismic Lithology Workshop costs UK £2,400.